How Do You Stand Out In the B2G World? - (Archived)

In late November, hundreds of IT manufactures and solution providers came together in McLean, Virginia for immixGroup’s first annual Government IT Sales Summit. In the session, “Influencing the Conversation: Social Media & Content Marketing,” a panel of B2G marketing experts discussed how to stand out in the B2G world. Market Connections, Inc. marketing director and FedPulse executive editor Monica Mayk shared statistics on the public sector’s digital presence.

According to Mayk, government agencies, traditionally seen to be behind the curve, are keeping up in the digital space. Eighty percent of government employees use a mobile device and the way public servants utilize the internet at home impacts how they integrate digital communications on the job.

Kristen Janerio of Modern Marketing Today provided full coverage of the session. Read the article to learn what the panel of experts had to share.


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