Survey: Cybersecurity Priorities Shift to Insider Threats

From Federal Times | November 3, 2014

A survey of federal IT managers in both the civilian and defense sectors showed a shift in cybersecurity concerns from outside actors to insider threats and a focus on the need to educate employees.

The survey — commissioned by the Fort Meade Alliance and conducted by Market Connections, Inc. — posed five questions to 200 federal IT decision-makers about the biggest challenges and opportunities they saw in the cybersecurity realm.

While intentional leaks like the information released by former intelligence contractor Edward Snowden put the focus on malicious internal threats, IT managers expressed more concern with issues surrounding misuse and accidental data leakage.

Not following proper cyber hygiene policies (“misuse”) was the No. 1 security concern among IT decision-makers, with 52 percent characterizing it as a “prolific” threat. Accidental leaks (i.e., copying the wrong person on an email) was fifth on the list, with 39 percent of respondents claiming it is an issue.


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