Top Innovator Lockheed Martin Inspires a Generation To Dream of Visiting Mars - (Archived)

lockheed martin "field trip to mars"

Grand Clio Award Winner “Field Trip to Mars.” View on Vimeo.

Recently, McCann New York and Lockheed Martin won the Grand Clio Award for Digital/Mobile at the 2016 CLIO Awards for the video “The Field Trip to Mars.” This is no small accomplishment. Congratulations to the entire creative team.

What we like about this entire project is not just that the video is well done and that the project it showcases is inspiring, but that this video does a stellar job of clearly communicating Lockheed Martin’s innovative technology.

Lockheed Martin is known for investing in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs in schools. The company understands the value of giving the next generation the tools to succeed. But what the company did in creating a virtual reality-equipped school bus ride and filming the children experiencing the technology for the first time was to demonstrate to prospects and clients what is possible. They don’t have to create complicated presentations and ask the customers to imagine it. They can simply show this two-minute video. The applications for this group-sharing type of virtual reality are tremendous. For this, Lockheed Martin wins a Market Connections Top Innovator commendation.

Read the AdWeek article about this project to learn more about the project and about how exceptional creative like this comes together.



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