Curious About Research? FedPulse Answers the Top 5 Questions - (Archived)

Both contractors and government value understanding their customers and what they need. We find that time and again, the FedPulse articles about market research provide tips that help guide strategies to capture invaluable customer insights.

Since many companies are now planning for 2015, we have compiled the five top research tips that address the problems we help customers solve. We hope they help you in formulating your marketing plans for the coming year.

#1 Let’s Talk Price: How Much Does Research Cost

Cost is a factor when deciding to embark on any marketing project, and market research is no exception. Yet the investment you make into market research can lead to exponential savings in the long run. In what is hands-down our most popular post, Market Connections’ Director of Research Services Dave Glantz discusses the factors involved in determining a budget for any type of market research project. Check out the full post.

#2 Top Tips for Creating Connections that Drive Federal Sales

Driving federal sales is a concern for government contractors (which no doubt is why article #1 stays firmly in that spot). Today competing in the federal marketplace requires more than producing innovative solutions. Connecting with your customers is critical. Market Connections’ Strategic Marketing and Thought Leadership Expert Monica Mayk spoke at a Northern Virginia Technology Council Business Development, Marketing & Sales meeting were she presented top tips for making those connections. Check out the full post.

#3: What Is the Optimal, or Minimal, Sample Size for Statistical Validity in Government Market Research?

Many clients often ask about the ideal sample size required for achieving statistical validity in market research.  Check out the full post to see what our experts had to say.

#4: The Need for Brand Research in the Government Marketplace

Brand and perception studies, or Attitude, Awareness and Usage (AAU) research, can provide government contractors invaluable insights into how they are perceived in the government marketplace, revealing gaps in market understanding and acceptance of your brand. We exploredhow contractors can better leverage brand studies to remain competitive in today’s austere budget climate. Check out the full post.

#5: Using Research to Drive Effective Thought Leadership

A nationwide Market Connections study commissioned by NetApp showed that schools are realizing benefits from Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) which supports students bringing their own devices (BYOD) such as laptops, smartphones and tablets into the classroom. This article explored how third-party research can validate a company’s technical expertise by solidifying its position as a thought leader in any industry.  Check out the full post.


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