Top Innovator: At Cisco, creativity helps spark innovation - (Archived)

Marketing a tech product doesn’t have to be only about the technology. In fact, any technology solution is really about how it enhances people’s lives—whether by making a simple work function easier or connecting people across the globe. This is something Cisco Systems understands and the creative ways the company’s marketers work illustrates this.

Cisco’s Alex Rosen is one example of a company innovator. She has an undergraduate degree in poetry and neuro-economics from Stanford and an MBA in Brand Strategy and Emerging Technology at UCLA. At Cisco, she leads a team in Global Marketing focused on sponsorships.

Alex believes her ability to use both sides of her brain leads to creative business thinking. “It’s this hunger for human connection and really listening to someone and being able to share passions and maybe vulnerable parts of yourself,” she says.

For example, Alex is the brain behind a huge digital installation that helps customers understand the Internet of Things, allowing visitors to see what the data means globally. At the Olympic Games in Rio, Alex did something that had never done before at Cisco: creating the first ever news and social app just for employees. The project resulted in 2,400 global downloads across 48 countries with employees using the app to connect with each other.

Cisco’s presence in Rio wasn’t just about connecting employees, it was about connecting the community and giving back to the people who call Rio home. Alex had the idea for Cisco employees to volunteer their time without having to travel thousands of miles. She set up a global employee volunteer program where, over TelePresence, employees could give 30 minutes of their time to help students in Rio, training them in IT skills, preparing for their exams, or practicing English. “We had this amazing corporate social responsibility team down there already doing the heavy lifting, putting the technology in, but being able to add to it and having all this feedback come back from students who never left a favela now feeling connected to Cisco employees all over the world, it’s just amazing,” Alex said.

Alex Rosen is one example of creative thinking that has made Cisco an industry leader. For their commitment to encouraging their employees shine, Cisco Systems earns a Market Connections Top Innovator commendation. And for her fantastic ideas proving technology marketing is, at its core, about human connection, Alex Rosen also earn a Top Innovator commendation.

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