How to Use the FMMS to Enhance Your 2017 Marketing - (Archived)

For eight consecutive years, Market Connections has conducted a comprehensive study of federal decision maker’s media habits with the Federal Media and Marketing Study. With data from more than 3,000 decision-makers highlighting their use of digital, mobile, social, print, and broadcast, the study results are a must-have resource for federal marketers who need to justify every dollar they spend.

The aggregated data alone is a valuable tool and is available for download. Whether you are looking at earned media or paid media, this data helps you understand where your audience is spending time, where they go for news and information.

FMMS reporting tool

This graphic shows one sample data run from the 2016 FMMS Reporting Tool. How could you customize for your business?

FMMS Reporting Tool

But the real value in this study for marketers is the dynamic web-based reporting tool. The tool allows you to cross-tabulate survey results to create your own customized data views, such as job title and product purchases; or job title and web site visits or publication readership.

For example, you can drill down to those responsible for purchasing cloud computing services and do a ranker to determine what websites they visit, what magazines they read, what mobile sites and social sites they visit. Inside the Beltway, you can do a ranker to see what radio and television stations they prefer. To further target, you can isolate this demographic by only those in defense agencies or only in civilian agencies.

Imagine how targeted, and effective, 2017 marketing campaigns would be with this type of insight. And that really is the whole point of this research — to give you the ability to drill down into your audience’s media habits so that your marketing dollars have the greatest impact.

Order the 2016 FMMS Reporting Tool today and incorporate the data into your 2017 marketing plan. Let us know in the comments how you plan to use the data; we’d love to know.



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