Are You Using Infographics? - (Archived)

To convey your message quickly and concisely, try using infographics.

Infographics are snapshots of important data put into a digestible, visual format. Some are simple — a quick pie chart with a valuable fact. Some are more complex.


Florence Nightingale, by creating a visual representation of research data, convinced Queen Victoria to take action to save soldiers’ lives. (Image courtesy of WikiCommons.)

Florence Nightingale was the first person to use an infographic to influence a policy decision. Her graphic helped convince Queen Victoria to create the Royal Commission on the Health of the Army. Today companies use infographics to educate their customers about a range of important issues, from how productive the work force is to trends in technology.

Read more to learn about why infographics are effective.

And for inspiration, see some of the infographics we have created for Dell Software, General Dynamics and AOL, among others.



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