Video: The Keys to Successful Federal Government Cloud Migrations - (Archived)

A recent cloud computing study shows more than half of Federal IT decision makers (53%) cite decreasing IT operating and infrastructure costs as the top drivers of cloud adoption, and nearly six in 10 respondents (59%) agree the migration to cloud-based services results in lower capital expenses compared to in-house deployment of infrastructure.

The study from Market Connections, Inc., on behalf of General Dynamics Information Technology, also shows that managing cloud migrations is a challenge. This new video provides four keys to successful federal cloud migrations.

“When considering a migration to cloud services, agencies need to examine overall impact on performance and the end user’s experience, such as application migration, data segregation, vendor lock-in and maturity of the technology,” said Damian Whitham, senior director of cloud computing solutions, General Dynamics Information Technology.

About two-thirds (64%) of participants name secure infrastructure as a top benefit of cloud computing. At the same time, security also represents a top perceived risk, with 69% expressing concern about data leaks or unauthorized data access and 65% naming potential security defects as a concern.

With concerns regarding security and data loss masking the bigger potential issue of performance in the cloud, General Dynamics Information Technology has developed four keys to successful federal cloud migrations:

  1. Address performance issues by bringing in a partner provider that can keep performance stable while managing migrations.
  2. Adopt a flexible cloud strategy that can respond to current and future requirements.
  3. Work with an experienced cloud provider that has knowledge of multiple environments to mitigate risk.
  4. Avoid vendor lock-in to minimize impact on performance and budget.

“Less than one-third of survey respondents were concerned about performance-based issues, but these areas pose enormous risks to budgets and productivity. Many of the unanticipated issues of cloud services revolve around performance and vendor lock-in,” Whitham said. “A successful deployment requires a forward-thinking, agency-wide strategy that prepares for future changes while also ensuring performance and ability to deliver on the mission.”

Download the white paper to learn more about the study.


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