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An important aspect of our work here at Market Connections is to stay abreast of technology initiatives that affect IT decision-makers. One way we do this is to attend industry seminars and workshops that address these initiatives and ways that organizations are tackling them.

Recently, I attended InfoWorld’s Virtualization for Government Executive Forum in Washington, DC.  The event centered on technology virtualization, the idea of moving beyond physical resources to address IT needs by pooling and sharing technology. The seminar included speakers from commercial and government spaces who offered their experiences, challenges, and predictions for virtualization within their organizations and beyond.

Virtualization is already an industry buzzword and, as organizational resources become increasingly strained, it will become a crucial part of most IT systems.


One response on “Virtualization for Government

  1. Amy E. Falcone

    I also attended the InfoWorld event on virtualization, and I was quite impressed with the reasons given as to why we should care about the virtualization trend.Ã? Most importantly, it is more efficient than conventional IT resource handling.Ã? It addresses the problem of under-utilization of technology, resulting in a more cost, time, and energy efficient IT system, making virtualization extremely beneficial to any organization’s bottom line and to the well-being of our environment.

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