WEBINAR: Confidence, Trust & Its Impact on Federal Marketing: A Federal Media & Marketing Study Webinar

Date: Thursday, March 14, 2019
Time: 2-2:30 PM (EDT)

Did you miss the 2018 Federal Media & Marketing Study breakfast? Don’t miss this second chance to hear results from Market Connections’ President, Aaron Heffron. Join us for the third and final webinar of a three-part series sharing highlights and deeper insights from our annual study with a focus on current market trends.

In part three we’ll share data from the latest iteration of the Federal Media & Marketing Study about the level of confidence federal decision-makers have in news reported by top media channels. Will their confidence in particular media properties create a halo effect on your brand? If your potential customers are not confident in the news reported, will this negatively impact how confident they are in your message? Join us as we share key results and help you use data to make informed decisions about media placement. Combining confidence with levels of engagement and reach can be an effective measure to make key decisions in the media channels you are choosing to get your message out.

For those federal marketers looking to understand the full impact that a media channel may carry on their brands, this is a webinar not to miss!


  • Aaron Heffron – President, Market Connections

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