Best Practices Retaining Customers and Contracts: Customer Experience - (Archived)

WEBINAR: Best Practice Series: Customer Experience: Using Research to Retain Customers and Contracts from Market Connections, Inc. on Vimeo.

Top government contractors know that getting honest feedback about contract performance and customer experience is crucial to relationships and contract renewals — that’s why winning contractors have programs in place. Whether the goal is retaining a key contract or winning new business, customer experience research can uncover valuable insight into contract performance.

As part of our webinar series on Customer Experience, Market Connections’ Vice President of Research Strategy, Laurie Morrow shared best practices in customer experience research and how to leverage results to ensure business growth. If you missed it, watch the linked video now to hear the entire webinar.

Two of the key reasons for implementing a customer experience program are:

  • Customer satisfaction or contract evaluation research can help nip problems in the bud — problems that if left unchecked, can cause contract losses and hurt your company reputation. Laurie used the analogy that a small problem may be a small bird pecking on your shoulder. But if you don’t anything, it becomes a barking dog. And if you still don’t do anything, it will turn into an alligator that swallows you whole.
  • The 2016 Federal Media and Marketing Study showed the most trusted resource for federal decision makers is feedback from peers and colleagues. Customer experience research is one way to collect that feedback to use in marketing pieces such as case studies.

Listen to the webinar to learn Laurie’s tips on implementing a successful customer satisfaction or contract evaluation program, which includes using independent, third-party research to receive unbiased information on customers’ perceptions. This research also uncovers unknown pitfalls and provides actionable intelligence that can salvage and/or maintain customer relationships while maximizing contract retention.

Tell us how you plan to improve your customers’ experience in 2017.


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