WEBINAR: Insights in Recruitment and Retention in a Highly Competitive Market: Results from Government Recruitment Study

Date: February 22, 2017
Time: 11 AM – 12 PM EST

A majority of public sector and government contractor HR and recruiting professionals are struggling to recruit and retain top talent. A recent survey by Market Connections and Monster Government Solutions uncovered that roughly half of HR professionals and hiring managers find a shortage of qualified candidates a top challenge. Meanwhile only one quarter are satisfied with their organization’s retention practices and only one-third are satisfied with hiring management technology.

What other barriers and challenges in recruiting and retaining talent were identified? What resources, tools and messaging are organizations using to attract and keep them?

Join Market Connections and Monster Government Solutions as we shed light on the ongoing challenges with government and government contractor hiring and retention. We will share findings from our latest study to help your organization develop and improve the right strategies and best practices to recruit and retain the best candidates.


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Learn About:

  • Unique challenges this government community face in finding and hiring top talent
  • Useful recruitment and retaining resources, tools, best practices, and strategies
  • Importance of branding and perceptions to attracting the right candidates
  • What employees want from an ideal workplace
  • Top barriers to attaining and retaining essential staff


  • Laurie Morrow – Vice President, Research Services, Market Connections
  • Susan Fallon Brown – Vice President, Global Strategy and Business Development, Monster Government Solutions

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