WEBINAR: Marketing Tactics and the Federal Environment: A Federal Media & Marketing Study Webinar

Date: Wednesday, January 16
Time: 2-2:30 PM (EST)

Did you miss the Federal Media & Marketing Study breakfast? Don’t miss a second chance to hear results from Market Connections’ President, Aaron Heffron. Join us for the first webinar of a three-part series sharing highlights and deeper insights from the 2018 Federal Media & Marketing Study.

With nearly 3,000 federal respondents, results from this study help federal marketers understand the media usage of senior decision-makers at civilian and defense agencies across print, broadcast, social and digital sources. Whether you are interested in developing broad awareness campaign or a more tactical agency-based marketing effort, the annual Federal Media & Marketing study is a key resource that can help you make key media purchasing decisions based on solid research and data. If the federal market is important to your business, you’ll want to check out our webinar series for an overview of the results from this year’s study.

In part one, we’ll focus on key marketing tactics for reaching federal audiences including: most trusted sources, advertising tactics and event and webinar attendance. In addition to marketing tactics, we’ll share how feds are feeling about budgets, the procurement process and which technology trends they’re latching on to.

Whether you missed the breakfast or want to make sure others at your organization get this information to help develop your 2019 strategies, join us for this short, complimentary webinar.


  • Aaron Heffron – President, Market Connections

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