Weekly News Kick Off: Event Looks at How to Encourage Women to Follow a Career in Atmospheric Sciences - (Archived)

Atmospheric sciences are of interest to everyone—especially after the long, cold winter we’ve had in the D.C. area. Yet, only 14% of professionals in this field are women. On Wednesday, join a conversation with a panel of leading experts about the industry and how to engage more women in the field. Welcome to the weekly news kick off. Enjoy these highlights.

Event: Encouraging Women to Join the Atmospheric Sciences
According to the National Science Foundation, out of the 14,000 professionals employed in atmospheric sciences, only 2,000 are women. How can we change those numbers and encourage more women enter this profession? On Wednesday, March 25 at 12:00 p.m. the American Astronautical Society and American Meteorological Society will host the Women in Weather Hangout to discuss weather workforce issues and opportunities. Northrop Grumman is presenting this event. You’ll hear from some of the top female voices across the weather space, some in organizations you may not know have weather professionals: government, television, the oil and gas industry, commercial aviation and the non-profit sector. Join the conversation.

Facebook Engineer Named First Director of White House IT
Thursday the White House announced the appointment of the first Director of White House Information Technology, Federal Times reports. David Recordon, former engineering director at Facebook, will take on the new position with a mandate to modernize the White House’s technological capabilities. For the last year, while working at Facebook, Recordon has also been a White House technology consultant working in conjunction with the U.S. Digital Service.

Event: AFEI Industry Day for Battlespace Awareness
On April 10 at 7:30 a.m., Booz Allen Hamilton is hosting the Association for Enterprise Information (AFEI) Industry Day: Envisioning the Future of Battlespace Awareness. The event brings together key government and industry leaders together to discuss future Battlespace Awareness requirements and initiatives, who the key players are, the challenges they face to implement new capabilities, and more. Register for this event.

Army to Use GSA OASIS Contracting Vehicle for Professional Services
The Army has signed on to use the General Service Administration’s government-wide blanket contract for professional services, called OASIS, FierceGovernment reports. OASIS, which is short for One Acquisition Solution for Integrated Services, is a first-of-its kind contract vehicle for contracts that span multiple disciplines, such as management consulting, logistics and finance.

Agencies Slow on Customer Service Improvement
According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index survey, federal agencies are lagging behind the private sector in improving customer service, Federal Times reports. Improving the citizen experience is a high-priority goal for agencies, but despite White House mandates in 2011 and 2015, progress has been slow and uneven. On a scale of 1 to 100, the federal government scored 64, trailing nine private-sector classifications, and also behind local government.


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