Weekly News Kick Off: FCW Announces the 2015 Federal 100, president reveals fiscal 2016 budget request - (Archived)

Who is exploring the art of the possible in Federal IT? FCW announces the winners of the 2015 Federal 100. And President Obama reveals the fiscal 2016 budget request…what are the chances it will get through Congress? Welcome to the weekly news kick off. Enjoy these highlights.

FCW Announces the 2015 Federal 100
Federal IT professionals submitted hundreds of nominations to FCW for the annual Federal 100. Their panel of judges debated for hours (and enjoyed reading the inspirational stories). The end result? A list of 100 women and men that should make even the most hardened skeptics optimistic about what’s possible in federal IT. View the list.

The President’s Fiscal 2016 Budget Request
President Obama is sending Congress a $4 trillion fiscal 2016 budget request that includes about $1.1 trillion in discretionary spending and a 1.3 percent pay increase for federal workers. The budget blueprint (pdf), which many consider dead-on-arrival because the Republican-controlled Congress is the one that has to draft and approve appropriations bills, proposes to offset the nearly $4 billion in spending with $3.53 trillion in projected revenues, Fierce Government reports.

Anthem Cyberattack Renews Calls for Info Sharing
Anthem Inc., one of the country’s biggest health insurers, has been hit by a major cyber attack that could affect millions of its customers and employees, reports FCW. As news of the large-scale hack broke, it was already having a ripple effect on Capitol Hill, with a top lawmaker calling on Congress to pass information-sharing legislation in response.

Three Technologies to Lead Federal Innovation in 2015
Looking ahead at technological innovation in the federal sphere, analysts at Deltek identified three areas prime for the most growth in 2015: sensor-based technologies, software-defined infrastructure and predictive analytics, the Federal Times reports. The analysts note that agencies are already preparing for these new technologies as they increase network availability, employ cloud platforms and standardize infrastructure.

Obama to Tap VMware’s Tony Scott as Federal CIO
President Obama announced plans to appoint VMware‘s Tony Scott as the federal chief information officer, reports FedScoop. If the appointment goes through, Scott would take the place of Steven VanRoekel, who left the job to work as the chief innovation officer at U.S. Agency for International Development. Scott would bring 35 years of global leadership and management experience to his position. He would not need to be approved by Congress.


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