Weekly News Kick Off: Health IT Marketing to See Growth, New Cyber Laws Could Pave Way for Unified Threat Defense - (Archived)

Welcome to the first weekly news kick off of the new year. It looks like health IT marketing is going to enjoy some growth, while all of those cyber laws President Obama signed at the end of the year could pave the way for a unified threat defense. Enjoy these highlights.

Health IT Outsourcing Market to See nearly Nine Percent Annual Growth Through 2019
A new market report has projected an 8.60% compound annual growth rate for the healthcare and life sciences information technology outsourcing market from 2015 to 2019. According to the report, cloud computing is among the outsourced technologies designed to help medical organizations implement business apps and reduce IT costs.

New Cyber Laws Could Pave Way for Unified Threat Defense
Chris Smith, vice president of technology for AT&T’s government solutions business, told Federal News Radio that the five recently passed cybersecurity bills could help U.S. government agencies develop a unified approach to infrastructure security. Smith says the Federal Information Security Modernization Act brings clarity about what roles federal agencies play in cyberspace operations.

Half of U.S. Adults Seek Mobile Access to Social Services
A new Accenture survey indicates almost half of social service recipients in the U.S. would download and use mobile applications to seek assistance from caseworkers. The research also found that telephone and in-person visits are the primary methods for human services agencies and their clients to communicate, Accenture said Tuesday. Only nine percent of respondents said they use online portals to access social service programs.

Agencies Work to Extend Government Digital Services to Mobile Users
A Government Accountability Office report indicates all 24 major federal agencies have implemented programs to help people access government information and services through mobile technology, FCW reported Wednesday. GAO also found the Office of Management and Budget and General Services Administration are guiding agencies in their efforts to meet the goals of the White House’s Digital Government Strategy.

New Study Claims Public Commenters and Bloggers in Favor of Net Neutrality
The Washington Post reported that a new study claims the majority of people who publically commented and blogged on the Federal Communications Commission’s proposed net neutrality rule are in favor of net neutrality. Detailed in a report released Thursday, the Knight Foundation, a nonprofit supporting journalism and media, used natural language processing technology to analyze about 1.1 million comments registered to the FCC about proposed rules that would let Internet service providers charge content companies for access to data “fast lanes.” The FCC collected about 3 million comments on the proposed rules. In October, it released those comments to the public for analysis.


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