Weekly News Kick Off: What are the Implications of the Sony Hack on Security, Air Travel Getting Safer - (Archived)

Welcome to the weekly news kick off. One of the most interesting stories this past week was the Sony hack. While that specifically targeted the entertainment world, it certainly has far reaching implications for cybersecurity in all sectors. What do you think about it? Enjoy this and more highlights.

What Does the Sony Cyber Attack Mean?

A cyber attack on Sony Pictures that forced the cancellation of a major film release is being seen as a serious national security matter, the BBC reported. CNN reported that cybersecurity and intelligence experts warn this is only the beginning. A CNN review of cyber attacks against federal agencies shows that the number of breaches into government systems is skyrocketing. “Espionage is happening at a rate we have never seen before,” said Denise Zheng, a deputy director at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

NASA Demos Aircraft Route Spacing Software
Air travel may have just become easier and safer. NASA tested a computer software for determining the proper space between on-flight aircraft aboard a Boeing 787 test airplane. The Airborne Spacing for Terminal Arrival Routes software is designed to calculate and display speed information for pilots to guide the aircraft into a safe distance from another aircraft, NASA said Monday. NASA intends for the software to help reduce commercial flight delays by minimizing flight path deviations and noise over airport surroundings.

DISA Adopts Cyber Network Risk Scoring Method
The Defense Information Systems Agency has implemented a continuous monitoring risk scoring system that will work to measure the cybersecurity risk of the agency’s computer networks, Federal News Radio reported. DISA CIT David Bennett said the tool is designed to analyze network security elements to calculate overall risk score. According to the agency, the web-based CMRS uses a dashboard to show an organization’s cyber defense posture based on available asset inventory and compliance data.

HHS to Pilot DATA Act Financial Reporting Standards
The Department of Health and Human Services will pilot the data standardization measures of the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act over a two-year period beginning May 2015, FedScoop reported. The pilot program will also explore the role of technology and the benefits and challenges in adopting data standards, particularly for an agency such as HHS with multiple component organizations.

Govt-Wide CDM Program Shifts Cyber Response to Real-Time
Some security officials in government believe the second phase of the Department of Homeland Security’s continuous monitoring program is a key step forward in the adoption of real-time cyber threat response tools, GCN reports. “It’s moving us away from the old generation of defense in depth to a new generation of seeing attacks as they occur,” Jeff Wagner, director of security operations at the Office of Personnel Management, told GCN.

Cyber Attacks Could Worsen Without Data Sharing Legislation
Rep. Mike Rogers (R-Mich.) warned the U.S. could face bigger cybersecurity issues if Congress does not pass legislation to allow the government and industry to exchange threat information, FCW reported. “My fear is that a non-rational actor with nation-state capability is going to be able pull off a significant attack that has real financial consequences,” Rogers told reporters Friday.

New FedRAMP Road Map Includes ATO Reuse Framework
The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program office has released a two-year road map to outline plans to focus on awareness, intended efficiencies and adaptability of cloud computing, Federal Times reported. The FedRAMP Forward document highlights the program office’s efforts to streamline the authorization process through a “do once, use many times.” The program will form cross-agency working groups to drive collaboration in authorizations of cloud service providers.


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