Weekly News Kick Off: New Bill Proposes a Fix to End Government Shutdowns - (Archived)

Can you imagine if there were no more threats of government shutdowns? It could happen if the Shut Down the Shutdowns Act comes to fruition. But don’t get too excited yet—the legislation is still in development. Welcome to the weekly news kick off. Enjoy these highlights.

New Bill Proposes a Fix to End Government Shutdowns
Under legislation being developed by Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., the federal government – and its employees – would no longer have to fear a possible government shutdown, Federal Times reports. The Shut Down the Shutdowns Act would automatically implement a continuing resolution for any program, project or activity for which funding has lapsed without Congressional renewal, according to a letter Grayson sent to members of the House March 3. The bill would appropriate funding at the same level as the previous fiscal year – serving as a stopgap measure until Congress approves new funding legislation.

Event: How Can You Reach Federal Decision Makers?
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The Biggest Information Security Risk for Agencies Isn’t Cyber
The Office of Management and Budget’s annual report to Congress on agencies’ implementation of the Federal Information Security Management Act noted that of the incidents reported in FY 2014, 25 percent were labeled as “non-cyber,” 22 percent were the result of “other” causes and 17 percent derived from policy violations, FCW reports.

Could IBM’s Brain-Inspired Chip Change the Way Computers are Built?
With funding from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and partnerships from national laboratories, engineers at International Business Machines created a chip last year that could imitate the structure of the human brain, in the hope that it would lead to a more efficient model of computing, the Washington Post reports. Applications for this technology range from national security to disaster response.

Report: Government Spent Less On Contracts In 2014 Than It Did The Previous Year
FierceGovernment reports that federal spending on government contracts decreased in 2014, with the Defense Department seeing the biggest overall decline. This data comes from a March 3 report from Govini in its annual federal scorecard that tallies and analyzes data on federal contract spending and agency performance.

Critics Say White House’s Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights Falls Short of Expectations, Protections
The White House last week released draft legislation designed to better protect consumer data collected by companies, but already several advocacy groups have said it does not go far enough. The proposed Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights would require companies that collect, retain and use personal data of consumers to clearly, concisely and easily provide notices about their privacy and security practices. However, 14 consumer and privacy rights groups sent President Obama a letter that the legislation still needs “substantial changes” to effectively protect people’s rights, FierceGovernmentIT reports.


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