Weekly News Kick Off: Sequestration Deal Nearing; DoD to Reduce Staff By 20 Percent; and Contractors Continue to Innovate - (Archived)

Welcome to the Weekly News Kick Off post from the FedPulse blog.  Congress is beginning political maneuvering regarding another potential government shutdown in January, while a House Senate Budget Committee is close to finalizing a plan to provide sequestration relief.  In the meantime, government contractors are focused on innovation and new contract wins. Be sure to check out this and much more in the latest Weekly News Kick Off.  Happy Monday.

Congress Faces a Stark Choice: Sequester or Shutdown
Lawmakers in both parties could face a dangerous political dilemma after they return to Washington: Either endorse a second round of damaging sequester cuts or prepare for another government shutdown.

Sequestration Deal Nearing
A U.S. House-Senate budget committee is close to finalizing a plan on federal spending for the next two years that would provide the Pentagon and other federal agencies some relief from sequestration.

FBI Agents Worry Criminals Will Have It Easier if Sequestration Continues
Sequestration will leave the FBI less capable of preventing and responding to terrorist attacks and other criminal activities, according to a group representing the federal law enforcement officials.

DoD Begins Cutting Staff Sizes
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel plans to reduce his Defense Department staff by 20 percent, an effort he said will save the Pentagon $1 billion over a five-year period.

DIA: Budget Cuts Propelling Shared Cloud Environment
Ongoing budget cuts are pushing intelligence agencies to move to a shared IT environment, according to federal officials.

Better Contracting Through Multisourcing
In the face of today’s budget and procurement challenges, an executive from IntelliDyne believes that multisourcing, or the use of multiple providers of IT services, is the answer.

Navy Launches First Drone From Submerged Submarine
After six years of development, the Naval Research Laboratory has launched an unmanned aircraft from a submerged submarine.

Lockheed Martin Delivers Rising Dividends – Fast
Lockheed Martin has rewarded its investors with big dividend raises for more than a decade.

Pentagon Approves $1.1 Billion Raytheon Missile Sale To Saudi Arabia
The Pentagon has approved the sale of more than 15,000 Raytheon Co anti-tank missiles to Saudi Arabia under two separate deals valued at nearly $1.1 billion.

Leidos Awarded 2-Year Army Intelligence Analysis Services Extension
Congratulations to Leidos for winning a potential two-year, $19 million contract to continue intelligence analysis work for the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command.

Ball Aerospace Demonstrates Ultra-Lightweight Telescope Technologies for DARPA’s MOIRE Program
Ball Aerospace & Technologies recently demonstrated its telescope technologies using ultra-lightweight polymer membrane optics for DARPA’s MOIRE program.

BAE Systems to Build Hundreds of Fiber-Optic Decoys to Protect Combat Jets From Missiles
BAE Systems will build fiber optic decoys and electronic frequency converters to protect carrier-based jet fighter-bomber from radar-guided missiles.

SAIC Earns Defense Logistics Agency Recognition
Congratulations to SAIC for being named a top supplier by the Land and Marine section of the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency.

Mark Gerencser Joins Board at Sotera Defense Solutions
Mark Gerencser, a former executive vice president at Booz Allen Hamilton, has joined the board of directors at Sotera Defense Solutions.

BAE Systems Donates 150 Christmas Trees to Local Military Families
BAE Systems, in partnership with the USO Metropolitan Washington, donated 150 Christmas trees and trimmings to military families in the Washington metropolitan area on Saturday.


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