Weekly News Kick Off: Small Businesses Continue to Lead the Recovery, Obama Signs Modernized Federal Records Act - (Archived)

Welcome to the weekly news kick off. Small businesses continue to lead the economic recovery, with service companies in the lead. That’s great news this week as we head into the holiday season. Please take a few minutes to participate in a Market Connections poll—the results will be very interesting. Enjoy these highlights.

How is the Federal Government Using Content Marketing?
Market Connections, Inc. is conducting a short poll looking at federal government contractors’ use of digital content marketing and government employees’ use of digital content to inform and educate decision making. Market Connections will share the results of this poll in early 2015. Let your opinion be heard! Take the poll today by following one of the links: Federal government opinion leaders or Federal government contracting decision makers.

Service-producing small companies continue to lead the recovery
The Washington Post reports that America’s smallest businesses continued to add jobs at a rapid clip last month, even as the country’s overall employment growth slowed, new private-sector data show. Small companies added 101,000 workers in November, essentially repeating the gains they posted in October, according to data payroll processing firm ADP collected. This marks the sector’s first back-to-back months of six-figure job growth since January-February 2012.

Obama signs modernized federal records act
President Obama signed a set of amendments to the 1950 Federal Records Act that modernize the definition of a federal record to include electronic documents, Government Executive reported. H.R. 1233 complements ongoing efforts by the National Archives and Records Administration and the Office of Management and Budget to implement Obama’s 2011 Memorandum on Managing Government Records.

Senate explores outsourcing security services
The US Senate might outsource core cyber security support to a managed security service. Candidate tasks include network security monitoring, threat analysis, incident reporting, vulnerability analysis, and security engineering and research, Information Week reports.

DoD seeks future technology via development plan
The Defense Department seeks technology and innovative ideas as part of its Long Range Research Development Plan within the Defense Innovation Initiative, a broad effort that examines future capabilities, dominance and strategy, a senior DoD official said Nov. 24. The newly released LRRDP Request for Information will provide a way for DoD technology scouts to collaborate with industry, academia, and the general public to explore topics and ideas to better identify the “art of the possible,” said Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering Stephen P. Welby.

Agencies need stakeholder-oriented CDM strategy
Patrick Howard, a former CISO at the Department of Housing and Urban Development and Nuclear Regulatory Commission, wrote in an opinion piece for Federal Times that agencies should include “the human in the equation” to ensure a positive outcome for Comprehensive Disaster Management programs. “Implementing technology can often be deceptively easy. It’s… how people react and perform when new tools are introduced, disrupting entrenched processes, that can lead to so many problems and technology disuse,” he said.

Lawmakers propose federal IT reform with 2015 Defense Authorization Bill
U.S. lawmakers have included a new proposed bill in the National Defense Authorization Act for 2015 that will give agency chief information officers greater authority over spending and contracting, Federal Times reported. Aaron Boyd writes that the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act would enable CIOs to make decisions on IT-related project planning and implementation, budget appropriation, major contracts and hiring.


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