Weekly News Kickoff: 5 Cybersecurity Trends To Watch in 2016 - (Archived)

With cybersecurity events such as the OPM breach behind us, it’s time to look ahead to the cybersecurity trends federal agencies and contractors must be prepared to handle. And did you know women in the government hold a higher percentage of top management jobs than in the private sector? That’s a trend worth celebrating. Welcome to the weekly news kickoff. Enjoy these highlights.

5 Cybersecurity Trends To Watch in 2016
In a three-part series, FedScoop shares cybersecurity trends to watch for this year. In part one Amit Yoran explores strategic data manipulation and disruption, increasing attacks on application service providers, hacktivism and the attack surface, industrial control systems pushed to the breaking point and the shakeout of the security industry. In part two, JR Reagan takes on cell phones as “pass phones,” a connected new world, “islands” of data, more CISO “boarding” calls and a brightening “cyber poverty line.” In part three, Jennifer Combs and Mark Savage discuss the trends emerging in mature organizations as they race to adapt to the new cybersecurity challenges.

Women In Government: A Slow but Steady Progression Up
To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Federal Times is looking at changes in the federal government over the last five decades. And one of those changes is the role of women in the government. In 1965, most women working in the federal government were secretaries, and not of the presidential-cabinet variety. Today there is a much higher percentage of women in top management positions in the federal government than in the general U.S. workforce, according to a 2014 Office of Personnel Management report. Women hold thirty-four percent of senior executive service positions at federal agencies, the report says. By contrast, in the private sector, women occupy just 14.6 percent of executive jobs, according to a 2014 report from the Center for American Progress.

DoD’s Cloud Policy Rains Some Risks, IG Says
Defense Systems reports that a new Defense Department Inspector General’s report finds problems with the Pentagon’s cloud policy that may have monetary and cybersecurity risks. DoD does not maintain a comprehensive list of cloud computing service contracts because the department’s chief information officer failed to establish a standard, departmentwide definition for cloud computing. In addition, DoD’s CIO did not develop an integrated repository that could provide detailed information used to identify cloud computing service contracts, the report states. As a result, DoD has no way to determine if it is actually saving money by migrating to the cloud and may not be able to effectively identify and monitor cloud computing security risks, the report states.

Which Congressional Actions Most Impacted the Government in 2015?
CQ Roll Call Senior Editor David Hawkings joined Federal Drive with Tom Temin for a look at some of the most significant Congressional actions in 2015 that impacted the government itself. Listen to the broadcast on Federal News Radio here.

White House Budget Proposal Calls for Restructuring USPS Healthcare Prefunding Requirement
The healthcare prefunding requirement of the Postal Service would be restructured and Saturday mail delivery eliminated under President Obama’s fiscal 2015 budget plan, FierceGovernmentIT reports. The Obama recommendation takes a different tack from the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee bill (S.1486) that seeks to overhaul the USPS healthcare system totally. The Obama proposal would also immediately end Saturday mail delivery, whereas the Senate committee bill would allow the Postal Service to move to five-day delivery if mail delivery volume falls below 140 billion pieces annually starting in 2017.


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