Weekly News Kickoff: Malware Infections Spike on Memorial Day - (Archived)

The weather in D.C. was glorious this Memorial Day weekend, and we hope you enjoyed it. Unfortunately, many federal IT workers had to spend the weekend dealing with a spike in malware infections. Hopefully they can get outside and enjoy the lovely spring day today. Welcome to the weekly news kickoff. Enjoy these highlights.

Malware Infections Spike on Memorial Day in DC
Federal Times reports that researchers at EnigmaSoftware.com found malware infections increased by 29.8% nationwide on federal holidays, while the DC-area saw an average increase of 51.7%. On Memorial Day, that average jumped to 63%. Malware infections tend to spike at times when users are more likely to be home, such as corporate holidays. In DC, those numbers skyrocket when government employees are on vacation, particularly on federal holidays.

Mobile Security at Risk with the Arrival of Millennials
According to a recent survey, millennials represent the greatest personnel risk to corporate data as a result of their attitude toward IT security and usage behavior on corporately managed mobile devices, FCW reports. That’s a serious concern, as millennials are projected to represent 50% of the workforce by 2020. Half of respondents reported it was not their job to maintain security standards, despite the fact that 78% said their company “clearly communicates security best practices to its employees.

Forgot Password? Don’t Worry. New Service Enables Single Login to Multiple Government Sites
FierceGovernmentIT reports a new service lets users access multiple government websites using a single login – no password required. MyUSA, a product of the General Services Administration‘s 18F, is an account management service that consolidates interactions with government websites, according to an announcement this week. Signing up with MyUSA also lets users track what they need to do with agencies, such as renewing a business license, and receive notifications about things they need to do, such as applying for a loan.

The ‘Magic’ of Continuous IT Service Delivery
The FBI and DHS are proving agile development and continuous delivery are gaining traction in government, FedScoop reports. Continuous delivery is emerging as the preferred way to think about developing software. While many organizations have come to embrace the logic of coding in short, agile sprints, the need to keep adapting to changing customer demands has given rise to a more continuous and collaborative approach to delivering IT services. Continuous delivery builds on the disciplines of agile development.


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