What Is the Most Influential Content for Federal Decision Makers? - (Archived)

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The 2015 Federal Content Marketing PulsePoll revealed that research reports, webinars, case studies, white papers, and videos are the most valuable content types for federal decision makers.

Does it make sense to spend time and money developing traditional marketing collateral if your target market doesn’t think it is valuable? Of course not. Despite this common-sense conclusion, a recent poll shows that 68% of federal contractors say developing marketing collateral is a high priority, but only 37% of federal decision makers say that type of content influences their buying decisions.

Market Connections and the Merritt Group released the results of the Federal Content Marketing Pulse Poll® last month. While this poll reveals that federal decision makers do want to receive content from contractors, they simply don’t want traditional marketing and sales messages. The top three reasons they consume content are to:

  • Learn about issues and trends impacting the industry
  • Receive training resources to close skills gaps
  • Help the agency establish best practices

The poll also shows the five most valuable sources of digital content this audience prefers to meet those needs:

  • 69% Research reports
  • 68% Webinars
  • 64% Case studies
  • 62% White papers
  • 57% Videos

Developing content that delivers the information this audience wants is a great way to market your expertise in the industry. By addressing your audience’s real-world needs and delivering actionable information, you establish trust and foster a valuable relationship.

To learn more about the content federal buyers want, download the 2015 Federal Content Marketing Review report.


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