What Is Working In Government Marketing, Part 2 - (Archived)

In February, Federal Marketing Insights posted the first of a four-part series focusing on government marketing trends. The discussion in that first post centered on data from the Market Connections 2014 Federal Media and Marketing Study, which tracks the media outlets where decision makers get their information.

Federal Marketing Insights recently posted the second part of the series, in which Mark Amtower addresses the concept of thought leadership with panelists Ralph Renzi, director of federal sales for WTOP and Federal News Radio; Lisa Dezzutti, founder and CEO of Market Connections, and Rita Walston, senior director of client marketing at immixGroup.

This informative 9-minute video includes tips on how to:

  • Identify appropriate thought leaders
  • Use thought leaders to communicate messaging through multiple media channels (social media, traditional media, etc.)
  • Encourage research that helps thought leaders/SMEs provide objective insights
  • Recognize thought leaders who are credible and trustworthy
  • Coache thought leaders to be dynamic

The panelists bring varying perspectives on selecting thought leaders, and the impact they can have, to this talk.

Enjoy this resourceful discussion and learn best practices in today’s federal marketing space!


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