Winning Contractor: Amazon Web Services is Helping Analyze Billions of Financial Market Events Daily - (Archived)

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), one of the largest independent securities regulators in the U.S., is tasked by Congress with watching and regulating financial trading practices—billions of which take place every day. Market dynamics change rapidly, making it a challenge for FINRA to remain current. So the company moved its platform to Amazon Web Services (AWS) to analyze and store the approximately 30 billion market events every day.

FINRA wanted a cloud services provider not only offered the right services, but could also meet the company’s security requirements. AWS meet all of the requirements. By using dynamic clusters (Hadoop, Hive, and HBase), and services such as Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR) and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), FINRA was able to create a flexible platform that can adapt to changing market dynamics. By using the AWS Cloud, FINRA has been able to increase agility, speed and cost savings while operating at scale. The company estimates it will save $10 to $20 million annually by using AWS.

AWS Big Data

The AWS Big Data services are behind the flexible and secure platform. AWS’s big data analytics are meeting the challenges of the increasing volume, variety, and velocity of digital information. AWS offers a comprehensive, end-to-end portfolio of cloud computing services that help companies like FINRA manage big data by reducing costs, scaling to meet demand, and increasing the speed of innovation.

AWS has Big Data solutions for every stage of the big data lifecycle: collect, stream, store (RDBMS, data warehouse, NoSQL), analytics and archive.

For keeping sensitive data secure and helping agencies and companies fulfill their missions, AWS has earned a winning contractor commendation.


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