Winning Contractor: Booz Allen Hamilton provides thought leadership through research - (Archived)

Being a winning contractor isn’t always about contract wins. Often, it’s about the thought leadership contractors provide that helps customers solve complex—and costly—problems. Booz Allen Hamilton recently provided such thought leadership via The Smart Command Town Hall Series, with support from Government Executive Media Group’s Defense One. Convened with government and industry leaders in defense and national security, the nationwide series focused on advancing the dialogue for putting innovative, interoperable technologies across the enterprise into the hands of warfighters more rapidly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Booz Allen Hamilton commissioned a research study to explore the need for defense acquisition reform, problems specific to C4ISR, and the opportunities and challenges associated with reform, to which 340 DOD leaders responded. In a resulting white paper, Booz Allen Hamilton explores an emerging new contractor model, the enterprise integrator, that could address the issue of stovepipes by helping systems integrators’ proprietary approaches better interface with one another—something that could provide significant cost saving to the government.

Booz Allen Hamilton asserts that although everyone knows stovepipes are bad, nobody is quite sure how best to eliminate them. Bringing in large systems integrators is a common solution, but that strategy brings its own problems, often including a proprietary approach that prevents easy interfacing with other vendors’ solutions. As an intermediary working on behalf of government, the enterprise integrator’s chief virtue is one of neutrality. Straddling the line between big commercial integration vendors on the one hand, and mission-driven government managers on the other, Booz Allen Hamilton suggests the integrator can serve as an essential partner to guide the process without being beholden to any one specific agenda.

Download the white paper, “An enterprise enabler: Applying the enterprise integrator to IT mission systems,” to learn more about the enterprise integrator model. Visit to find Town Hall summaries and session videos, expert interviews and research findings.

This kind of thought leadership leads to innovative solutions, earning Booz Allen Hamilton a FedPulse winning contractor commendation.


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