Winning Contractor: Iron Mountain Helps Agencies Meet Regulatory Deadlines - (Archived)

Government Agencies are all grappling with ways to meet the required deadlines of the President’s Records Management Directive, and a few of the largest deadlines are looming – the management of email in electronic formats by the end of 2016 and the overhaul of the General Records Schedules by end of 2017. Federal agencies strive for better records and information management to not only handle records more effectively, but to protect, store, index, and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. However, in a recent study among federal records professionals, 87% believe their retention schedules need improvement (Source. 2013/2014 Information Governance Benchmarking Survey: Us Federal Government. Cohasset Associates. ARMA International. AIIM).

Automating their records retention rules can help agencies achieve their compliance goals. Using automation to care for documents through their designated lifecycles lets agencies:

  • Create and centrally manage both their agency-wide and lines-of-business specific retention rules.
  • Synchronize records management enabled systems to ensure that policy is being consistently applied to content regardless of format or location.
  • Continuously update retention rules and deliver them online throughout their enterprise content management systems.
  • Better filter and search for documents when needed for eDiscovery, FOIA or other purposes.
  • Maintain an appropriate audit trail, including role-based permissions and security.

To facilitate this automation for federal agencies, Iron Mountain® created Policy Center. Agencies can create regulations and rules per their policies and according to the National Archives’ General Records Schedule. They can also automatically implement and communicate new guidelines to all employees and RIM-enabled systems across the enterprise. This subscription-based records retention schedule solution allows agencies to keep up-to-date retention guidelines, systematically update them and share them with their content infrastructure through a standardized integration connector. Agencies can uniformly apply policies and retention schedules accordingly—giving the agency a legally defensible records management policy across the enterprise.

“Policy Center helps records professionals in government achieve a way of delivering retention schedules across their enterprise through a cloud based software solution. Our federal customers have been asking to take manual processes out of their workflows, and this helps them to achieve a sound, defensible retention program,” said Bill O’Neill, Vice President and General Manager of Iron Mountain Government Services.

Iron Mountain continues to refine its information management services portfolio, delivering actionable solutions to its customers. This innovation has earned Iron Mountain a FedPulse winning contractor commendation.


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