Winning Contractor: Iron Mountain Helps Government Save Money With Secure and Effective Records Management - (Archived)

The storage of information and records is vital for the federal government and one company has been providing the most comprehensive solutions in this arena for more than 60 years: Iron Mountain.

With federal agencies needing to collect, exchange, and analyze large amounts of sensitive information and make it accessible and usable to authorized parties, Iron Mountain offers the right solutions that allows government to free up storage space while also having its data securely stored and accessible.

Iron Mountain plays a major role in helping federal agencies comply with the Presidential Directive on Managing Government Records, a government-wide effort to reform records management policies and practices.  Enacted in August 2012, the Directive instructs each agency to modernize its records management policies through more efficient operations, including digitizing records and establishing a new infrastructure that will minimize costs and promote openness and accountability.

The company also launched a study earlier this year, which showed that the volume of information federal agencies must manage has outgrown their budgets, challenging the nation’s records handlers to control this deluge of information and costing their agencies more and more money.

In addition, Iron Mountain recently revamped its customer service processes related to issues resolution, billing and new customer activation.  As such, it was ranked 88th on this year’s InformationWeek 500 list.

Iron Mountain is also committed to environmental stewardship by pledging to cut its absolute greenhouse gas emissions across North America and the United Kingdom five percent below 2012 levels by the end of 2014. Furthermore the company completed its first solar panel installation, a 902-panel array on the roof of one of its document storage facilities in Windsor, Conn.

For providing the right document management solutions that helps government save money, we are pleased to announce that Iron Mountain is this week’s “Winning Contractor.”  Stay tuned for more posts about contractors proving to be nimble in the face of challenging times in our “Winning Contractor” series


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