Winning Contractor: ITT Exelis Continues Growth in Face of Uncertain Budget Climate - (Archived)

With a storied history that involved the invention of the telephone as International Telephone & Telegraph (ITT), ITT Exelis has evolved into a pioneering organization that meets modern government’s need for innovation.

As a highly diversified global aerospace, defense and information solutions company, ITT Exelis has become a textbook example of how an organization can evolve to take advantage of new markets and opportunities.

With a focus on networked communications, sensing and surveillance, electronic warfare, navigation, air traffic solutions and information systems – as well as expanded capabilities in the cyber security realm – ITT Exelis has been able to secure new business opportunities even in the face of uncertain budget times.

Even though 2013 is already proving to be a time of fewer big contract awards, ITT Exelis has been in the federal news-cycle for securing new business. The company recently announced it was awarded a $2.2 million contract by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to research the development of a small satellite navigation payload to augment the current military GPS program called GPS NAVSAT.

ITT Exelis is also leveraging international business opportunities by securing a $25 million contract to provide communications equipment that was awarded by U.S. Communications-Electronics Command (CECOM).

In terms of innovation, ITT Exelis recently launched a new platform called Helios, which enables traffic and other cameras to function as weather sensors.  The end result is providing more accurate, real-time environmental intelligence for better decision-making and response – something proving more critical as weather-related disasters become more commonplace.

“Helios provides hyper-local weather intelligence to close the gap between broad regional imagery to street-view imagery,” said Eric Webster, vice president of weather systems for Exelis Geospatial Systems, in a recent press release.  “It’s the difference between watching moving cloud cover across a regional map and seeing heavy rains on a street corner.”

ITT Exelis is FedPulse’ first 2013 “Winning Contractor.” Stay tuned for more posts about contractors proving to be nimble in the face of challenging times in our new “Winning Contractor” series.


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