Winning Contractor: Nutanix Supports Office of the Secretary of Defense with Web-scale Architecture for Private Cloud Migration - (Archived)

The Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) has awarded a contract to Nutanix to use the company’s web-scale architecture as the base for a private cloud migration. Under the contract, awarded in April, OSD will use the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform, which eliminates the need for costly and complex storage area networks by integrating high-performance storage and computing into one unified appliance.

As part of the program, OSD is virtualizing servers from the Enterprise Information Technology Services Directorate and U.S. Army Information Technology Agency into a private cloud environment. The program — estimated to take 12 months — will consolidate and migrate more than 1,000 servers, including all types of information, data and workloads. It will also significantly decrease OSD’s datacenter footprint by replacing 60 racks of current equipment with 10 racks of the Nutanix platform.

The Nutanix approach to datacenter convergence provides modular, “building block” scaling that enables agencies to start small and grow incrementally, resulting in cost savings, efficiency and near immediate return on investment. The Nutanix solution also incorporates security that meets stringent government standards including FIPS 140-2, NSA Suite B support (to Top Secret), Common Criteria EAL2+, NIST-SP800-131A and others. Nutanix also integrates its own comprehensive electronic Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG), which provides machine-readable code that eliminates time-consuming testing by enterprise security teams.

Using a converged solution to provide scalability and security through virtualization has earned Nutanix a FedPulse Winning Contractor commendation. Learn more about Nutanix at or follow the company on Twitter @nutanix.


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