Winning Contractor: Sotera Defense Solutions Achieves Organic Growth Under New Leadership - (Archived)

With more than 1,500 employees, Sotera Defense Solutions has grown into a unique organization that delivers innovative systems, solutions and services in support of critical missions for defense, intelligence, law enforcement and homeland security organizations.

From cybersecurity to mobile platform integration and intelligence analysis, Sotera Defense Solutions offers a wide-range of services and solutions for enhancing national security.  The company also has a deep heritage for supporting government customers that dates back to 1969 when it was founded as Sachs Freeman Associates, Inc.

Leading its growth and business development is the newly appointed President and CEO Deborah Alderson, who was recently the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of SRA International.  In this position, Alderson is putting an extra emphasis on organic growth with the company’s empowered employees driving the expansion.

She also recently served as a panelist at the Market Connections and Centurion Research, now part of Deltek, LPTA study launch event — where Alderson provided candid insights into the new LPTA landscape.

“In all of my years in this industry, we have always been sensitive to price, so I am not surprised by this shift towards LPTA procurements,” added Alderson.  “I am not thrilled about it, but we are mentally prepared for it.”

Being prepared for budget and procurement challenges has helped Sotera Defense Solutionsto win significant contracts in 2013.  In June, the company announced that it secured a prime position on the $900 million SPAWAR Decision Superiority Pillar contract vehicle. 

In addition, in 2012, the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce, the Professional Services Council (PSC), and Washington Technology named Sotera Defense “Contractor of the Year.”

For providing the right leadership to help Sotera Defense Solutions seek organic growth during a time of challenging budgets, we are pleased to announce that the company is this week’s “Winning Contractor.”

Stay tuned for more posts about contractors proving to be nimble in the face of challenging times in our “Winning Contractor” series.


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