Your Government Events Strategy in the Face of Upheaval - (Archived)

10 Tips to Make Your Government Events More Successful + Something to Share with the Corporate Office

The government sales and marketing experts at immixGroup recently put out two great posts on the Government Sales Insider blog to help contractors respond to decreased attendance by government at events and the ongoing cancellation of government events.

immixGroup’s 10 Tips to Make Your Government Events More Successful will help contractors ensure good outcomes and ROI. Their second post suggested using Market Connections’ recent government events infographic to justify your event plans to the C-suite:

“Many of our clients share their concerns (OK, frustrations) that the ‘folks back at corporate’ don’t always understand the inner workings of the federal government and the unique marketing challenges that come with it,” wrote Allan Rubin, marketing VP at immixGroup. “It occurred to me that this is a great tool to share with them. In a minute or less you can communicate some of the issues you have to deal with as you plan your government marketing strategies, budgets, media spend, and more.”

Check out the full post for immixGroup’s 10 tips, the latest event cancellations and the latest data on government event attendance.

Finally, Market Connections is fielding a national study that will provide insights into government contractors’ planned participation in future trade shows, conferences, seminars and other industry events in 2013 and beyond.  We are calling on all contractors to participate in this unique study.   Click here to complete this brief poll.



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