WEBINAR: The Continued Effects of COVID-19 on the Federal Contracting Industry and Your Customer

Date: Thursday, July 30
Time: 2-3 PM ET
Cost: Free

In March 2020, Market Connections began fielding ongoing surveys of federal decision-makers, asking how COVID-19 has affected them, their agency and their work environment; how it may impact work-related activities and priorities; and how contractors have, and can, continue to support them.

At the same time, PSC, the premier trade association for federal contractors, began fielding ongoing surveys of member companies, asking how COVID-19 has affected their company and ability to provide service to their federal customers.

Now four months into the pandemic, we review some key questions around COVID-19. Discover how the federal government and industry have reacted and evolved during this time of upheaval.

Join Market Connections and PSC as we continue to look at how the pandemic has changed the way we do government business.

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Mari Canizales Coache
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