Customer and Patient Journey Mapping

Visualize the journey your customer or patient takes, and their relationship to you.

Journey mapping provides a visual interpretation of the overall story from an individual’s perspective of their relationship with an organization, service, product or brand, over time and across channels, identifying motivators, inhibitors, emotions and pain points that shape the relationship.

Customer Journey Maps

Market Connections journey mapping research can provide insight that will support a company’s strategy to keep customers at the forefront when making decisions. Customer journey maps can provide your company insight into interactions from a customer’s points of view. This helps you understand and improve long-term relationships rather than taking an inside-out approach that results from transactional interactions with your customers. It can also help companies strategically position themselves to win new customers by speaking to the unmet needs they have along each stage of their journey.

Customer journey maps uncover major pain points and highlight the most significant opportunities for winning new customers or building a better experience for your current customers.

Patient Journey Maps

Detailing the patient’s experience of a disease or medical condition from symptom awareness, through diagnosis and treatment, a patient journey map identifies how facts, interactions with healthcare professionals and other stakeholders, as well as their emotions, influence patients. The patient journey maps uncover the leverage points where healthcare organizations can play a major role meeting patient’s unmet clinical, informational, and emotional needs during the journey.

Through Market Connections’ research, patient journey maps can not only offer a comprehensive view of the patient’s experience, but can also provide deep patient insights, uncover gaps in care and highlight opportunities for improvement in all aspects of the customer journey — from healthcare, pharmaceutical care and patient support, to internal research and development, marketing and sales.