Secure Customer Loyalty, Retention and Growth

In the competitive government market, current, meaningful and actionable intelligence will inform your critical business decisions. Customer satisfaction research helps you focus improvements on specific areas that will have the most measurable impact on customer loyalty, retention and growth.

In a climate of ever-increasing competition and budgetary pressure, protecting your valuable contract base is a higher priority than ever. Top 100 government contractors rely on Market Connections to independently assess contract performance and measure customer loyalty. Clients tell us their win/loss ratios correlate directly to satisfaction levels reported by customers in the research we conduct.

Clients use our proprietary FedSatComps™ customer satisfaction benchmarks to compare how they stack up against other top federal contractors. The index, comprised of customer satisfaction data from Top 100 professional services providers serving the federal government, allows you to track performance in four key areas:

  • Willingness to recommend
  • Willingness to do business again
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Comparison to other contractors

Measure your performance on key customer satisfaction requirements:

  • Overall performance/experience
  • Quality products/services
  • On-schedule delivery/meets deadlines
  • Having sufficient number of staff
  • Staff knowledge
  • Staff responsiveness
  • Ability to resolve problems
  • Keeping customers informed

Improve Position and Performance

By tracking your performance on these core customer satisfaction requirements, you’ll be equipped with information to drive process improvements, staffing plans, client communications and strategies for winning new contracts and recompetes. Frequently, companies have been able to save key accounts that otherwise would have been lost due to unidentified customer issues and brewing dissatisfaction.

We put our deep government expertise to work for you, applying benchmarks and insights honed over 16 years conducting customer satisfaction research with government audiences. You’ll receive competitive intelligence and actionable results unique to your company, customized to your business and not available to your competitors.

We know how to reach government decision-makers and influencers whose opinions and behaviors affect your success. In fact, 100 percent of the time our research reveals new intelligence our clients were not aware of.

Grow Your Business

Market research can help you answer business questions and turn challenges into strategies for success. With FedSatComps™, the right methodology and expert analysis, Market Connections helps you connect research outcomes with your organization’s bottom line results. Your research investment will pay off handsomely with measurable, actionable solutions.