Thought Leadership

Demonstrate thought leadership to your target verticals with third-party independent research that validates your technical expertise. Marketing and public relations professionals, as well as subject matter experts, rely on Market Connections to provide insights around driving forces affecting the market, key technologies and market needs and perceptions.

Leverage thought leadership research results to:

  • Position your company or brand as a market leader
  • Garner media attention
  • Demonstrate subject matter expertise
  • Increase awareness of your products and services

Market Connections’ expert research team custom-crafts thought leadership studies designed to position your company or brand as a market leader ready to solve your clients’ problems around new technologies or specific challenges. Thought leadership research will increase your company’s understanding of market needs and give you content to leverage into PR pitches, white papers, sales materials, presentations and webinars.

Our team of experts will partner with your communications team to leverage research with the media and your target audience by presenting press events, webinars, white papers and case studies.

Thought leadership projects have included:

“The results of this study helped Lockheed Martin formulate strategies to increase awareness and adoption of cloud computing and cyber security in the federal market.”
Melvin Greer, Chief Strategist, Cloud Computing
Lockheed Martin
Information Systems and Global Solutions