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Content Marketing Review 2019: Federal & Beyond

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Blogs, white papers, videos, podcasts or reports: government decision-makers turn to thought-leading sources like these to inform their buying decisions, learn about new technologies and learn about vendors. But which tools are most useful and influential, what content do they hope to see and where are they going to find it?

Market Connections polled government decision-makers around the country to answer these questions with the 2019 Content Marketing PulsePoll™.

What You Will Learn:

  • Most valuable content when purchasing IT products and services
  • Most effective online channels for content delivery
  • Preferred content features
  • Top actions taken with content
  • Amount of time they’re willing to spend with content

New This Year:

  • What are best practices for reaching the STATE & LOCAL government audience?
  • Do emerging and/or complex technologies require different content marketing strategies?
  • What spurs action and what prompts them to share your content with their colleagues?

Download this year’s results and infographics to better understand how to effectively get your content in front of public sector IT decision-makers to drive action.

Delivering on Mission? Effects of the 2019 Federal Government Shutdown

Results from the 2019 Partial Federal Shutdown PulsePoll™

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The longest recorded partial federal shutdown to-date is having a major impact on both federal employees and the contractors who serve them. From concerns over funding and ability to meet project goals and timelines to the impact on future recruitment and retainment of a strong workforce, it is no surprise three-quarters of respondents are more concerned with this shutdown than those of the past. Market Connections conducted a PulsePoll™ to gauge how the 2018-2019 shutdown is, or will be affecting the work of federal employees and the contractors who work beside them day-to-day.


Federal Media & Marketing Study 2018

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In our 10th year, federal marketers continue to have a reliable and affordable data source for honing and perfecting strategic marketing campaigns. Market Connections’ Federal Media and Marketing Study helps federal marketers reach the right senior decision-makers at civilian and defense agencies by providing key information about their media usage across print, broadcast, social and digital sources. Combining this with demographics including: job function, location, purchase area and more, marketers have the ability to slice and dice the data and map each to specific media habits, allowing them to target specific audiences.

The survey represents the views of nearly 3,000 federal workers in a variety of position. Whether you are interested in a broad awareness campaign, or a more focused agency-based marketing effort, data from the study can provide you key insights about the media and marketing habits of this tough-to-reach federal market audience.


  • Job Function and Purchase Responsibility – More than 25 different job functions and areas of purchase, by product and service
  • Media Usage – 60+ publications, 100+ websites and mobile sites; 10+ social sites; differences inside vs. outside the Beltway
  • Trusted Content – To what extent do decision makers trust news and information from different media sources?
  • Time Spent Accessing Content – How much time do government employees spend accessing content online, watching TV, listening to the radio and reading e-newsletters?

NEW IN 2018

  • Confidence in News Reported by Media Sources – How confident are federal employees in the news reported by media sources?
  • Work-related Advertising – Are federal employees seeing and clicking on work-related advertising seen in both their work and personal spaces?
  • Expected Budgets – How do federal decision-makers feel their program budget will change in FY19?
  • Smart Device Usage – With the growing number of smart devices, how fast are decision-makers adopting this new technology?

PURCHASE a subscription!

Our NEW & IMPROVED Federal Media & Marketing dashboard allows you to cross-tabulate survey results to create your own customized data views, such as job title and product purchases; or job title and web site visits or publication readership.

NOTE: You are purchasing a subscription to a dynamic online data set, not a PDF report. You will receive a user guide in the form of a PDF, and a representative from Market Connections will contact you within 48 hours with your username and password to access the online tool.

AGENCIES: Please contact us for special pricing available for unlimited client usage.



Visit the FMMS dashboard page


How can this study help with your strategic marketing?

  • Know exactly who to target and how to reach them
  • Understand how federal government decision makers acquire products and services
  • Improve marketing by aligning the survey findings with your specific information needs

Why is this study so unique?

  • Results are incorporated into a dynamic web-based reporting tool allows you to cross-tabulate survey results to create your own customized data views, such as job title and product purchases; or job title and web site visits or publication readership
  • Survey results combines demographic, job function, and purchasing data with actual media usage
  • Results cover over 25 product and services areas, from weapons systems and IT to human resources and travel

For More Information:

Email or call Mari Canizales Coache at 703-378-2025.


Federal Government Contractor Study 2018

Best BD and Marketing Practices of Winning Contractors

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In partnership with Merritt Group and Professional Services Council, this national study of federal government contractors focuses on top challenges and best practices of marketing and business development professionals. The study addresses the most effective activities, tools and strategies to remain competitive; the organization, reporting structure and collaboration of BD and marketing departments within an organization; and how contractors are targeting and responding to RFPs with a focus on those contractors with higher win rates. The online survey of 200 federal government contractors was fielded in May 2018.


  • Identify best practices of winning government contractors
  • Identify challenges of marketing and business development professionals
  • Determine actions to remain competitive in the current federal government market
  • Measure effectiveness of marketing materials, activities and tools
  • Quantify changes in budgets and activities

Taking Advantage of the Defense IT Budget Influx: Priorities and Timelines

Results from 2018 Defense Budget PulsePoll™

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In February, the Bi-Partisan Budget Act of 2018 (BBA) passed, lifting caps on spending and paved the way for significant increases in discretionary spending across defense and civilian agencies. With the passing of BBA 2018, the defense discretionary funding cap was increased by $80 billion in FY2018 and $85 billion in FY 2019, allowing for current on-hold projects to move forward and for the development of new opportunities in key focus areas. A recent PulsePoll™ from Market Connections reveals where defense agency technology leaders feel funds will be prioritized, and how soon they expect these funds will make an impact.

Insights in Recruitment and Retention in a Highly Competitive Market:

Results from Government Recruitment Study

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A majority of public sector and government contractor HR and recruiting professionals are struggling to recruit and retain top talent. A recent survey by Market Connections and Monster Government Solutions uncovered that roughly half of HR professionals and hiring managers find a shortage of qualified candidates a top challenge. Meanwhile only one quarter are satisfied with their organization’s retention practices and only one-third are satisfied with hiring management technology.

What other barriers and challenges in recruiting and retaining talent were identified? What resources, tools and messaging are organizations using to attract and keep them?

This study sheds light on the ongoing challenges with government and government contractor hiring and retention and will help your organization develop and improve the right strategies and best practices to recruit and retain the best candidates.



Keeping Our Nation Secure

The Status of Federal Agencies Security Postures

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The recent Presidential Executive Order Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure states “known but unmitigated vulnerabilities are among the highest cybersecurity risks faced by executive departments and agencies.” It calls for increased focus on securing IT and data, including protecting IT and data from unauthorized access and cyber threats; being aware of potential threats; being able to detect security events; and being able to respond and recover. However, cybersecurity risk management has been a long-term priority for federal agencies, even before the White House issued this Executive Order. The question is, in an age of increased cybersecurity threats and federal mandates, how have agency security postures changed over the last year? Unisys commissioned government research firm Market Connections to find out.


Federal Content Marketing Review 2017

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Is your marketing strategy aligned with the federal buying process?

Market Connections and Merritt Group polled federal decision makers and B2G marketers to uncover which content, formats and channels are considered most useful and informative during the federal procurement process to create a Federal Content Marketing Review PulsePoll™.

Together, we presented the findings, followed by a panel discussion with federal government contractors. Following on the success of the event, Market Connections and Merritt Group published an eBook to help guide our clients – Marketing Strategy for the Federal Buying Process. This instructional guide expands on the findings revealed in the 2017 Federal Content Marketing Review survey and provides tips and insights to:

• Break down federal marketing barriers
• Align content to the stages of the procurement process
• Use content to build trusted status with federal decision-makers
• Optimize your paid, earned and owned marketing channels to reach federal buyers

Download results, infographics and eBook to learn about the most effective methods of getting your marketing messages in front of federal decision-makers.


Federal Media & Marketing Study 2017

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The 9th annual study combines actual media usage of mid- to senior-level federal decision-makers with their demographics, job function and purchasing habits. Survey responses from more than 3,000 decision-makers highlight their media usage spanning print, broadcast, social, mobile and online.

NEW IN 2017

  • Fake News – Do federal employees feel fake news has impacted the credibility of media publications?
  • Teleworking – How often are federal employees teleworking and how does it impact media habits?
  • Tenure and Retirement – Does the looming retirement wave impact how we should be marketing to federal decision makers?
  • Commuting – What are the media habits of commuters inside the beltway?


Federal Events Study 2017

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In 2017, Market Connections conducted a federal events study to gain a better understanding of how and why federal IT decision-makers are attending live events. For years, the Federal Media & Marketing Study has tracked the rise and fall of attendance levels at live events and webinars without explanation. This prompted Market Connections to develop a deeper study specifically focused on live event preferences. The objective was to gain a better understanding about why and how federal IT professionals made their decision on whether or not to attend events. Factors included in the study were event format, size, location, length and content.


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