Diversity & Inclusion Research and Services

Diversity and inclusion research supports business growth on multiple levels. Focusing inwardly on workforce diversity and inclusion improves employee engagement and satisfaction, and attracts a diverse workforce that produces innovation.

Researching diverse markets increases a company’s customer base, clientele or membership and increases understanding of target customers, stakeholders and constituencies. Overall, studying and implementing diversity and inclusion tactics into strategic planning supports business growth and increases ROI.

“Multiple studies have shown that companies with diverse workforces often outperform their peers. Companies that embrace diversity and promote an environment of inclusivity see higher performance, more innovation and higher employee satisfaction ratings. However, diversity cannot be painted with a broad stroke. Research into an organization’s audience, both internally and externally, may yield different needs. Therefore, it is important that research be customized to an organization’s specific needs.”
– Rosita Thomas, Ph.D., Research Director

Diversity in the Workforce: Leadership and Employee Recruitment

Creating diverse work environments boosts creativity and workforce satisfaction. Attracting diverse candidates provides varied perspectives that lead to innovative approaches. The research will help:

  • Measure levels of cultural competency and uncover unconscious bias
  • Provide inclusive leadership development programs
  • Evaluate employee satisfaction
  • Develop best practices for diversity recruitment and workforce inclusion

Reaching Diverse Markets: Customer/Client/Member/Student

Diversity research informs strategic decisions that lead to better understanding, greater reach and deeper resonance with target populations. Research includes:

  • Message/ad testing that resonates with target audiences
  • Understanding key motivators and barriers to action to enlighten business decisions and policy development
  • Determining how to expand member acquisition by tapping into diverse markets
  • Learning target audience opinions via surveys and polls

Research practices and services include:

  • Employee evaluation surveys
  • In-depth interviews and focus groups
  • Cultural competency analysis
  • Ad/Message testing
  • Target audience surveys
  • Results-based action workshops focused on diversity and inclusion
  • Development and improvement of institutional guidelines, structures and practices in the areas of diversity and inclusion