Name Testing

Gather reliable market feedback on organization, product, and service names. Risk is naturally inherent when naming a new product or service or transitioning the name of an organization. New names must be unique and memorable in the market. And, even though it may be unavoidable for a variety of reasons, changing an existing name could sacrifice hard-earned recognition and brand equity if done in a vacuum.

Once clients have used a professional creative agency to develop new name options — the absolute most effective way to undergo that process — we test the impact and effectiveness of the options through focus groups and/or individual customer and prospect interviews. Focus groups discuss general impressions of your organization and competitors, as well as key attributes or values important to your audience. We then present and collect opinions about naming options in order to glean:

  • Immediate, top-of-mind reactions
  • Words to be avoided
  • Mind associations in relation to the desired market perception

Your recommendations will include two or three viable names from which you can select with confidence.