Needs Assessment Research

In the current competitive marketplace, companies must be exceptionally smart with their product and solution offerings and go-to-market strategies in order to compete, win, and turn a profit. Needs assessment studies help companies determine if, where, and with whom there truly is growth potential for one or more of their products, services, or solutions.

Needs assessment studies help to determine whether to keep, eliminate, or enhance offerings by providing:

  • A comprehensive profile of selected markets and segments
  • Specific target audiences and titles that offer the strongest potential for success
  • Market needs within the framework of the offering
  • Characteristics and features of the offering that resonate the strongest in the market
  • Understanding of competitors and how they are perceived in the marketplace

With this business intelligence in-hand, companies can then refine their offerings and bring a more strategic focus to how they pursue, win, and deliver on contracts and opportunities.