Publications & Materials Evaluation

Market Connections has a proven track record developing research programs that capture the customer experience and inform improvements to the quality and effectiveness of print and electronic publishing and marketing collateral.  We accomplish this by evaluating reader behaviors and habits, content and delivery preferences, and by assessing reactions to proposed redesigns. Market Connections’ studies for government and commercial clients alike have contributed to increased reader satisfaction and retention, leading to return on investment for publications.

Depending on the specific study objectives, we explore a variety of factors that impact the reader’s experience:

  • Identify where, when, and how customers use the publication
  • Measure reader preference and the effectiveness of specific content categories
  • Identify new types of content that customers would like to see in future issues
  • Compare and contrast the effectiveness of and preferences toward the publication’s current format versus alternative formats
  • Determine the success of the current distribution strategy and identify how this may be improved