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Finding the Best Way to Securely Connect the Modern Hybrid Workforce

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The 2020 pandemic response significantly impacted the budgets of state and local governments. As a result, they’re now facing the challenges of reduced tax revenues, increased expenditures for unemployment assistance, and an increased need to deliver services digitally. For leaders in government IT, this new economic reality, as well as the historic expense of running technology in-house, is driving the move to a cloud-smart approach that can increase efficiency in both operations and budgets.

This focus is not entirely new since governments have been shifting apps (like email) to the cloud for some time. Yet it’s clear the pandemic response is accelerating the IT modernization in government that was already in process, especially in regard to facilitating a modern hybrid workforce. Equally clear is that this will impact the future of IT transformation. To learn from, and apply the results of, the government IT response over the past year, Cisco commissioned market research firm Market Connections to conduct a study.