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Digital Transformation and Infrastructure Modernization for State and Local Governments

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The expectations of US citizens — as consumers of government services — continue to increase and shift as digital and social channels transform communications, interactions, and the delivery of services. These expectations are perhaps even more pronounced at the state and local level as citizens engage frequently with governments in the states and local communities in which they live.

To optimize the technology and human resources involved in delivery of Citizen Services, state and local governments across North America are embarking upon digital transformation journeys — modernizing IT applications and infrastructure. How are governments planning for and executing upon this transformation and what barriers do they face in completing this journey? To understand the answers, Unisys commissioned Market Connections to find out. The study captured the perspectives of US government executives around the adaption and adoption of digital technologies to advance the digital transformation initiative and agendas in their states.


Keeping Our Nation Secure

The Status of Federal Agencies Security Postures

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The recent Presidential Executive Order Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure states “known but unmitigated vulnerabilities are among the highest cybersecurity risks faced by executive departments and agencies.” It calls for increased focus on securing IT and data, including protecting IT and data from unauthorized access and cyber threats; being aware of potential threats; being able to detect security events; and being able to respond and recover. However, cybersecurity risk management has been a long-term priority for federal agencies, even before the White House issued this Executive Order. The question is, in an age of increased cybersecurity threats and federal mandates, how have agency security postures changed over the last year? Unisys commissioned government research firm Market Connections to find out.


The State of Affairs of Federal IT Modernization

How Agencies Can Achieve Straight A’s

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As federal agencies strive to improve the citizen experience, IT modernization is a key priority, with security around cloud computing and identity management at the forefront. Yet with the focus on security, are agencies making equal progress in the process and technology factors that lead to success? This survey asked, among other things, about agency modernization priorities and how the respondents rate their agency against those priorities. The resulting self-ratings paint a clear picture of where agencies feel comfortable with their efforts, and opportunities for improvement.