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Move Beyond Paper and Reclaim the Value of Your Information with Workflow Automation

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Information management programs need to be compliant with a variety of federal records regulations. With changes and mandates happening in government around records management, information needs to be kept secure and reliable, yet accessible to your end customers.

Workflow automation can make it easier to locate records, have staff operate efficiently, decrease operating costs while helping agencies meet these mandates. What are agency pain points? What are the benefits and challenges of a shared service model for workflow automation?  Iron Mountain commissioned Market Connections to find out.



Is the Government Constructing a Solid Foundation?

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As agency priorities change, so does the field of Federal Information Management — today it goes beyond records management to encompass data analytics, digital storage and archiving, cloud strategies and managing the risks associated with all of these things.

Based on a 2015 study Iron Mountain sponsored with the Association for Information and Image Management (AIIM) that surveyed industry professionals in the commercial sector about the evolution of information management, Iron Mountain commissioned Market Connections, Inc. to answer these questions for the federal government. The study looked at agency priorities regarding records management, the expectations organizations have of their information professionals over the next three to five years and how respondents see themselves in relation to these growing expectations.


Are Federal Records at Risk? Agency Confidence in Information Management

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As government agencies handle increasing volumes of information, it falls to every person within an agency to manage and protect vital records. In addition to traditional paper documents, records can include everything from emails to photos to electronic files. With so much information to manage and so many people handling the information, are federal records at risk?

Strong records management policies and practices, coupled with formal training, internal controls and communication, will keep agency records safe and meet federal records management regulations. When agencies take these steps congruently, they can boost confidence in their information management processes, increase productivity and expand access to information, all while complying with federal mandates.