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The State of Marketing and PR

Research Reveals Nine Marketing and PR Myths

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A new Market Connections study, commissioned by Vocus, busts marketing and public relations (PR) myths and reveals how marketing automation is delivering benefits in terms of efficiency, analytics and campaign management.

The study shows a changing world of haves and have-nots for marketing professionals and a movement toward digital and social media in public relations. Vocus, a leading provider of cloud-based PR and marketing software, released the study in early June 2014 at their Demand Success conference.

The study, based on an online national survey of 325 mid- and senior-level marketing and PR professionals in May 2014, supports many current trends in marketing and PR, but busts several generally accepted myths on the social Internet. The research exposes the changes in both marketing and PR professionals’ worlds. In PR, it reveals a move towards digital and social media. In marketing, a struggle to grasp digital media technologies emerging in their space. Along with these notable shifts, it also shines light onto common myths upheld within the industries.