Testing Messaging & Concepts

Challenge/Issue: Our client was investing in a large multi-faceted advertising and marketing campaign to strengthen its brand within existing markets. Prior to making this substantial investment, our client wanted to ensure that its marketing material would be well received and communicate the intended message.

Approach: Marketing material that needed to be tested (branding ads, case study ads and case studies) was programmed into several web pages. Respondents were contacted by telephone and once screened, were asked to log onto the web site to view the material. A series of questions were asked regarding reactions to ads, clarity of message, believability, etc.

Results: Results from the survey were used to select the most effective headline, subheads and tagline for our client’s branding campaign. Several ads were dropped from the campaign based on survey feedback. The client learned that a shorter copy format worked best for its case study ads. The longer copy format was utilized for white papers and case studies posted on their web site for download. Additionally, copy tone was tweaked based on feedback from respondents.