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Is Your Agency 5G Ready?

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Is Your Agency 5G Ready?


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Talk of 5G, specifically the technology that will underpin new applications and user experiences and enable a step-change in connectivity, excites everyone from tech-savvy teens to CIOs. With a promise of phenomenal mobile connectivity due to higher throughput, higher bandwidth, lower latency, better connectivity, secure information sharing and easy access to data, anything “5G” is an attention grabber.

This excitement rings especially true for military and civilian federal agencies always looking for more effective ways to fulfill their missions to protect and serve citizens in a hyper-connected world. To find out how federal agencies can harness the power and promise of 5G, CommScope commissioned market research firm Market Connections to conduct a study exploring the level of 5G awareness and preparedness within federal agencies.

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  • What are the top barriers to 5G adoption?
  • What are agencies’ desired outcomes of 5G?
  • To what extent are their infrastructures 5G capable?
  • How far along are they in the adoption process?