Making a Web Site More Effective

Challenge/Issue: Our client was revamping their Web site. Rather than making assumptions, they wanted research to help identify key users, the special needs and requirements of each user segment, as well as overall information on Internet usage.

Research Approach: An e-mail survey was sent to their 4,000 members; 500 surveys were completed. Market Connections’ analysts identified patterns in usage quantity and habits, attribute deficiencies, attitudes, perceptions, job function, and demographics that signaled the most useful segments for the client.

Results: Internet and Web site usage among the association’s populations was segmented by three key job functions. Within each of these functions, a profile was developed that included internet and Web site usage habits, as well as unique needs. Plus, differences between users and non-users of the site were profiled so the client could easily predict future site users. The client moved forward with its investment in the Web site redesign, confident that it was meeting its audiences unique needs and requirements. Moreover, once the redesign was underway, we conducted Web site usability studies with members of each target segment to ensure the redesign achieved the expected results.