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Modernizing Government with a Robust Data Analytics Platform

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Modernizing Government with a Robust Data Analytics Platform


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With passage of the Modernizing Government Technology Act, federal agencies must look at their technology infrastructure, transition from legacy systems to a modern infrastructure, move to the cloud and use data to operate more efficiently. How do agencies demonstrate they’re making progress? Data. Federal agencies must harness the vast amounts of data they collect around program results and budgets to show how they are achieving their mission and delivering real progress against their mission goals and objectives — and how much it is costing.

Modern analytics platforms can now easily access any data source to quickly answer questions they might not have ever thought of before.  Agencies can then use data to achieve an evidence-based policy-making standard within their organization, look at how they deliver programs and services and make changes that positively impact their mission.

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  • Key drawbacks in using multiple data analytics technologies
  • Positive outcomes from using data analytics
  • Top benefits of using a single data analytics platform