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FIT (Federal IT) Buyer Journey 2022

FIT (Federal IT) Buyer Journey 2022



The second in our Federal Information Technology (FIT) series, Market Connections released the 2022 Buyer Journey at Government Marketing University’s GAIN conference to help government contractors understand their customer’s unique process for purchasing products and services.

From identifying their needs through the final vendor selection, this study provides key data to inform marketing, sales and product teams in strategy development around the following:

  • Who the key stakeholders are during each stage of the journey;
  • Where they are going for information during the journey; and
  • The types of information they find most valuable throughout the journey.

Whether the focus is maximizing each marketing dollar spent, developing products most aligned with customer needs, or equipping agencies with mission critical resources, this study’s results will provide the deep guidance government contractors are looking for on the right targets, avenues and formats to be focusing resources.

For the full presentation video, visit the GAIN conference site.

Federal IT (FIT) Buyer Journey 2022

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